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Being Green/recycling All Parts Of Plant


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While harvesting cannabis for medicinal purposes, I know you guys have lots of ways to use the sugar trim etc. But, what do you do with stems, stalks, roots?

I would love to hear from you guys. How much of the plant do you use? What do you do with the leftover plant material? Compost? Can stems be used in butter, or is that a waste of time?

Thanks for anything you can do to help enlighten us individual human beings here.


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Always looking for new ways to use more of the plant so thanx for the topic Bish !


I found this link, in Dizledot's blog, for a way to use the root ball...



Also I make butter from the leaves & buds. I bake a bread with the butter, that works great for my stomach & helps me sleep through the night. And what we've been growing isn't even good medical qulity, just "bag-seed" but it is good, when it doesn't hermie.... I can't wait 'til my good strains now in veg, bloom.....


anyway we throw our used Promix in our various flower gardens to make the soil fluffier like. Or else compost it.



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Im about to try to make a balm out of the roots... I had a massive root ball off of one plant, so it is going to be boiled in water/oil for 14 hours, take the coconut oil, once ALL water is removed, melt it with some beeswax, see what happens... I hear it is great to rub into arthritic hands.


I'll find out by this weekend.



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Yes Diz, please post that recipe. And CSCG, let me know how that works for making that pain rub. Sounds very interesting and helpful as well.


1) grind stems or cut up into small pieces. A coffee grinder will do the job nicely

2) In slow cooker add stems and enough oil of your choice (olive, canola, coconut etc.) to thoroughly cover stems. You may need to add oil to compensate for the loss of oil due to the stems absorbing oil as they soften and cook.

3) Cook on low for 12 hours. Once you reach the 12 hour mark turn off slow cooker and let it sit for 12 hours. You will need to cook the mixture for two 12 hour cycles.

4) After second cycle of cooking cool and strain.

This mixture can be use as normal in any recipe calling for oil. Some will substitute butter for the choice of oil that is used to replace the oil loss from the stems softening and absorbing the oil as well as there are those who will make this mix with all butter. I have not found one method superior to the other. You will not get that THC high or buzz from this mixture because the stems are high in CBD, but you will get a subtle deep body relaxation and pain relief with use. If you desire the THC effect add ground buds to make a 50/50 mix and cook in the same manner.




Happy Cooking!!!



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