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Need Help W/ Sick Plants


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how's your heat issues? room temp, and solution temps..


my sour diesel leaves ended up looking very similar after my room jumped over 100 last week for a few hrs when i wasn't home to catch it...

lost 4 plants so far....

pulled 2 more last night because i found nanners poppin up.. the heat stressed them and caused them to morph

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Yes I do add calmag. I will flush and add fresh nutes tonight because I thought it looked like calcium too but with other people not using cal-mag i thought i may be overdoing it with 5ml/gal. Yes I use r/o too. This isnt really giving me anyproblems but root rot has. I got it and have not been able to get rid of it. PITA!! I add h202 to water every few days but just lingers there waiting for another slip up. I miss having bright white roots. I have been trying pond zyme seems to have helped but not a solution.

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I am going to take a guess here and say that the root rot is exacerbating MG lockout or extremely slow uptake.


This is a hypothesis due to similar circumstance I had before. Anyone know / understand how roots take in MG and if/how/why root rot would cause a MG lockout/slowing?


(EDIT ADD: I mean obviously the roots are sick, but I was thinking about more of a link between the RR and MG)

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House and Gardens Multi-Zen will do just as well as Hygrozyme and costs less. The H&G stuff all seems to be more concentrate. But those will only help clean up the dead root not cure the root rot.


How much H2O2 are you adding? If you are using 3.5% from the drug store you should be at 17mL per gallon and you need to add it back after three days because it breaks down quickly.


Did you let the water temps get too high? You should be able to keep root rot away with lower temps. 68 degrees is a nice place to be at the root zone. Any surfactant should help as well. SM90 will help kill off the bacteria causing the rot. But just like H2O2 you kill everything the good and the bad. Unfortunately the bad always seem to come back first and stronger.


I would imagine that the link between the deficiency and the root rot would be that now with less healthy roots the plant simply can't uptake what it needs. The above ground part of the plant is now bigger than the below ground roots which support it. So it will sacrifice part of itself to survive. Let the leaves die off don't pull them. The plant will continue to pull nutrients out of those leaves first as it tries to repair itself. Once the root rot is gone and new roots begin to grow give the plant a couple weeks and she will be good to go. Hopefully you are still in veg.

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The joys of DWC in summer. Been there. It is all about the oxygen.


H2O2 will kill your enzymes, so you're wasting $ on one or the other, if not both.


1. Get your system super clean. Isolate plants with rotting roots. The decaying organic matter allows bacteria to grow and use up what little o2 is dissolved in your water. H2o2 is good for cleaning roots. Then rinse them off w/water.


2. Make sure you have plenty of air bubbling. Should look like water at a rolling boil.


3. Lower your water level. Pumping the same amount of air into less water = high % dissolved o2.


4. Get a chiller. A whole lot more oxygen will dissolve in water at 68F than at 78F


Good luck. I hate root rot more than mites, hurricaines, and zombies. Plant might look perfectly healthy and then 4 hours later it is all drooped over like it is getting no water.


Hygrozyme is good stuff. Got me through the summer last year.

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Thanks for all the help you folks are great!!!


I have been using 29% h2o2 and then pondzyme as of lately. I am pretty sure that the pondzyme is the same thing as hygrozyme but cheaper and concentrated.




This all stemmed from adding gognats in my res. It coated my roots,choked my plants, half burnt up and everything else has had this root rot since i got it to come back.


My temps are 70-72 now.


I really think you are onto something with lowering the res levels. It makes sense to beef up o2.


So has anyone added hygrozyme to bad root rot and had it work?



So should I get the sm-90 and treat with h2o2?

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Try some subculture-b. add as instructed to by package.. wait a day then add 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of unsulfered molasses to the water.. do this every week and a half..


the molasses feeds the bacteria and sends it into overdrive..


Warning what is gonna happen will freak u out.. The roots will get a white slime coating on them.(good bacteria eating the bad) Then after 2 days it will start to dissipate and leave only the healthy white roots behind.




continue using sub b in your systems use only half does.. (do not use sub -m) only sub-b in water.. who ever tells u they use m in water has not tried it them self's.


problem solved.....



Oh and air stones are a waste of time and money... use a pump and spray water at the surface of your totes. only time air stones make disloved ox is when the bubbles pop on the surface. I have a dissolved ox meter, and tought myself that lesson.. That's why i designed my own systems. Each tote has a spray bar and a drain. My disloved ox ratio in twice what i had with stones.

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