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The Opponents Of Mmj Are Paving The Road For All Out Legalization

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Absolutely agree. The people spoke in 2008. As these tyrants fight democracy, the people will justly respond with even broader authority.


I heard there are a few Michigan groups considering a petition drive to put a legalization question on the 2012 ballot. Does anyone know the similarities or differences between them?

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There is a lot of work ahead for legalization in 2012. Namely getting enough signatures in time. I hate to say it but I have yet to see the ability to coordinate that kind of an effort. I think the recall Snider group was doing a good job at coordination yet they were unable to get the signatures. We need a large budget to hire people to canvass and a coordinator or two.


Without dollars we will have to be able to have agreement among the different advocacy groups. Unfortunately we can't even agree on the language of the proposed amendment. Not to mention the egos involved with each group wanting to be the leadership and get the credit for such an effort. Then getting past those issues we still would have to get the rank and file to gather signatures. That always sounds easy. The old if every patient would just get sign and get 5 more signatures we would be in. The problem is many people are not registered voters and we just can't expect 100% participation. If history tells us anything we will be lucky to get 2% participation.


With all that said I will be coordinating signatures in Calhoun County if the final language is ever agreed upon. Anyone in Calhoun who wants to help or sign just PM me here.

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