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Tarzan's Lemon Kush


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:bighug: THANKS :


" GanjaWarrior "


" kzooareacaregiver "


" Ronulan "


" pergamum362 "


" mibrains "


I should have a Few samples left after

Jane takes care of all her Patients ....


This is their Christmas Bud for December :thumbsu:


Plus I'm hoping to have some " Tutti Fruity "

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Dr T i have been looking for a lemon kush for the last couple of years how could i got about maybe getting a clone or some cuttings?


i have a lemon skunk train wreck cross i made.. most lemony plant iv ever had. with train wreck size..

only problem is she is a 10 week strain. but well worth the wait.



but king u need try some of my aurora indica.. just like someone dumped a bottle of orange mr clean when u open the jar.

i smelled like orange spice for 3 days after trimming her..lol..



im doing some genetic clean out so hit me up. working my way down to 3-4 strains only..




oh and Tarzan if your cloning is still problematic i can build u a cloner tote and send it out.... u have helped me enough bro..

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