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Several Dispensaries Illegally Burglarized By Dea And Msp. Patient Records, Signed Recall Bill Schuette Petitions, And Toys For Tots Donations Stolen

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The cops illegally confiscated signed petitions for the RECALL BILL SCHUETTE campaign, as well as their Toys for Tots donations, and patient records. Seems the real criminals are the ones that we pay to go after the real criminals and instead of fighting real crime they would rather fight sick law abiding residents that choose a safe and natural alternative to potentially fatal pharmaceutical drugs. I guess sick non-violent cannabis consumers make an easier target than real criminals.




Authorities searched five locations in Tuscola, Sanilac and St. Clair counties Friday allegedly involved in the illegal trafficking of marijuana.


Controlled substances, records and money were among property seized at buildings in Denmark, Worth and Kimball townships, according to a news release from Tuscola County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Reene.


The raids were part of a yearlong and ongoing investigation into multiple violations of Michigan's Controlled Substances Act. The Drug Enforcement Administration assisted the investigation.


In Kimball Township, the Blue Water Compassion Center, 4731 Lapeer Road, Unit D2, and a private residence on Allen Road were searched, St. Clair County Prosecutor Mike Wendling said.


Search warrants were issued by the Tuscola County Prosecutor's Office, Wendling said.


The Thumb Narcotics Unit, Michigan State Police, Flint Area Narcotics Group, Denmark Township Police Department and Tuscola County Sheriff Department participated in the searches.


The St. Clair County Sheriff Department Drug Task Force helped execute the warrants in Kimball Township, Wendling said.


He did not know if any arrests were made.


Mark Sochacki, manager of the Blue Water Compassion Center in Kimball Township, said authorities raided his workplace, as well as Blue Water Compassion Centers in Denmark Township in Tuscola County and Worth Township in Sanilac County.


Police confiscated marijuana and marijuana-laced tinctures, topical oils, capsules, and medicated edibles, Sochacki said.


Patient files, money and toys donated to Toys for Tots also were taken, he said.


The three centers are owned by Jim and Debra Amsdill, Sochacki said. Combined, the centers have about 26 staff and roughly 3,500 members, Sochacki said.


Some patients have ailments such as cancer or multiple sclerosis, he said.


"We're just trying to do some good," he said. "... (We're) trying to make a difference in people's lives."


Sochacki said he was shocked by the raid.


"We follow strict guidelines," he said. "... We've turned people away."


Blue Water Compassion Center:

"Due to recent events the Blue Water Compassion Center will be closed for the weekend. The Michigan State Police along with other acting agencies came into our safe access points and confiscated Medicine, Tincture, topical oils and our medicated edibles used to treat a variety of ailments all "Protected" by the Michigan Medical Marijuana act. They also took our Toys for Tots donations along with most of our Bill Schuette Re-call petitions. We stand by our pledge to continue to fight for these rights, if the will of the voters is in question lets put it to yet another vote and WE WILL WIN!!! We were in strict compliance with State laws regarding the amount of usable Cannabis. No one was arrested and all staff was free to go. Please if you have been helped by us we need you to step forward and speak up on our behalf. There is strength in numbers!!! We will keep everyone posted as things progress!! Thank you all for your support


they brought police from Tawas, flint, algonac, and a few other outside agencies but for some reason none from St. Clair or Sanilac, Im pretty sure its because our local sheriffs knew we were compliant and were working with us!!!!! We need everyone who is affected by this to please speak up loudly... we need your help they cant silence us all!! WE ARE HEALERS NOT DEALERS!!!"



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It is sickening to see them do this, and every raid of this type I hear about they take the recall petitions. I thought this country was a democracy and that voter and election materials were protected from this kind of crap. Oh well, supposedly we are protected as far as our medical use goes too but that is proving to be at the will of bs. I am sure he called in the dea also, to make himself look good. They said the local departments were assisted by the dea, not vice-versa. These are the people that should be trying to protect us from the dea, not sending them after us.

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One of the raids happened at a dispensary just outside of Port Huron, which there city council announced a plan to spend $600,000-$700,000 on a new 8 man drug task force on December 6th... This is in a city that has all but turned into a ghost town, has widespread homelessness and foreclosures, vacant homes and businesses, soup kitchens beyond capacity, and has been turning off some of the street lights on the bad side of town because they are having budget issues and can't cover the city's light bill.... Looks like the Drug War is being amped up full speed.





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