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Who Was Your Childhood Idols

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Thought this would be a good topic. Something to divulge a bit of what makes us who we are.




in my Very young years up to about 7 or 8, i had a few Idols.


1st one was Mr Spock from Star Trek. I credit my prolific sense of logical thought to Mr. Spock.

2nd one was Bruce Lee. Bruce has that deep sense of being at one with all of nature, and his compassion for humanity was unparalleled. My deep conviction of be good to your fellow humans largely stems from spending hours of reading and following Bruce Lee and his teachings....



beyond those two gents and ofcourse my Pops, Mario Andretti in the late 60s and early 70 Formula One races. Mario was a great sport and so humble of his abilities back then...



just a bit about what shapped my outlook on humanity and life....

what about you?

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Mine was Gordie Howe. Detroit Red Wing great. Also Mickey Mantle of the NY Yankees. Now my hero is Joe Cain and Peanut Butter, love these guys :goodjob: These are the life like characters who fight for truth, justice and the ability to heal our sick! These are the true HERO'S of my time! Thanks gentleman :bow::bow::bow::bow::bow:

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Super Man, "Truth, Justice and the American Way!

Lone Ranger - He also fought for justice


My current hero's are:


Joe Cain

Mathew Abel

Michael Komorn

and all of the regular cast of the 3MA, I love you all for your spirit and the fight in you. I love this forum also, I get a lot of good information from here.

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Some of my Idols were Evil Kanevil, Steve Austin, KISS, and most importantly, my Mom (R.I.P). Evil Kanevil gave me courage to attempt even the dumbest stunts. Steve Austin gave me super human strength. Or so I thought. KISS gave me rithym. My mom gave me my life. My Idols were few. But they were an important part of who I am today. Medcnman.

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