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"unless" You Care

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TEAM MMMA: From front L-R Long Hair Brian, Joe Cain(Blueberry), Krusty DJ, middle L-R, Chad, Michael Komorn, Timmah, Medicine Man, Back L-R MiBrains, Dr. Tarzan. and Q-Tipper ( not in Photo ) Honey Oil ( not in photo).




In light of the upcoming hearings, I wanted to thank the MMMA Leadership, membership and community for all its efforts these past weeks. I specifically wanted to thanks all the moderators who volunteer so diligently every day on this site to provide a safe environment for patients and caregivers to learn, and evolve the discussion about medical cannabis. So to TEAM MMMA: Q-Tipper , Long Hair Brian, Joe Cain(Blueberry), KrustyDJ, , Chad, Michael Komorn, Timmah, Medicine Man, MiBrains and Dr. Tarzan, thank you for all of the tremendous support your provide for this community and all the members on this site. Thanks for helping when people are in need and doing it without recognition or ego. To the patients who have submitted their testimony via writing and posted it on our site, Thank you for helping and for your courage as patients and for sharing your story. They are more than compelling and if this committee is not listening to these stories, and not being moved or effected then we know there was little we could do otherwise.






I will say reviewing these stories should be required reading by each of those on the committee, and certainly by any other legislature or elected official for that matter that will ever find themselves making any decisions regarding medical cannabis or anything having to do with medical cannabis patients.


Reading the thread it is amazing to see the outpouring of emotion, and the pain people suffer and that cannabis does in fact work as a medicine for a number of ailments and diseases. While I was overwhelmed at the beauty of the writings and the intimacy of the stories, I couldn't help but be saddened by all the ongoing suffering that plagues our community. Whether it be sickness,employment, housing, court cases, or the stress of living in this challenging world, these stories unfortunately documented the fact that life is hard and often times life is all about hospitals and jails. To put yourself out there in today's environment with both Leo and some groups from even within our own community throwing stones,consider yourself heroes on this wild ride.


I recently had an opportunity to reread the children's book the Lorax, and while it very clearly is story with a message about protecting the environment and the dangers of excess, there is a great part in the book that seems so appropriate to this community and activists worldwide.


I am sure you remember.


After much debate and after many pleas to stop chopping the trees in vain with the Once-ler, the Lorax picks himself up and disappears into the smoggy sky, all that is left is the place he lifted from that says "UNLESS".


As we learn later when the Once-ler tells the story about the Lorax, in an almost post-apocalyptic setting, he explains the "UNLESS" was unclear, and no one was sure what it meant. That the Lorax just disappeared and every one thought he was crazy. Then in the gloom and doom of the world that the Once-ler now lives, he reveals the truth, and he explains what"UNLESS" really means.


The story goes like this...




All that was left' neath the bad-smelling sky


Was my big empty factory


The Lorax


And I




And all that the Lorax left in this mess


Was a small pile of Rocks, with the one word....




Whatever that meant, well,


I just couldn't guess




"But now," says the Once-ler,


"Now that you're here,


The word of the Lorax seems perfectly clear,


UNLESS someone like you Cares a whole awful lot,


Nothing is going to get better, It's not.






Catch calls the Once-ler.


He lets something fall.


It's a Truffula Seed.


It's the last one of all!


You're in charge of the last Truffula Seeds.


And Truffula Trees are what everyone needs.


Plant a new Truffula. Treat it with care.


Give it clean water. And feed it fresh air.


Grow a forest. Protect it from axes that hack.


Then the Lorax


And all his friends


May come back.








Just thought this was fitting in light of the upcoming hearings, and the challenges every patient is forced to face in today's hostile environment.


For those who testify, and for all of those who have helped in with whatever way you could, with whatever resources you could offer, know that you are the one who is making a difference, and one who was brave enough to care.



Thank You






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We just saw L.o.t.L

favorite books as a child along with the star bellied sneetches ...figure The Doc. is to blame for the way i am

the way my wife thinks and the way my kids view big business who keeps on biggering and biggering under the guise of good intentions...

they never meant to let this happen

was not meant to happen or was not on purpose...


the excuse CORPORATIONS make when caught red handed...how they skate free every time... paying just a small fine for their grand mal Poisoning of the planet and all its inhabitants- big and small OUR CHILDREN INCLUDED!



we are being consumed by ourselves...


it is the age of thneeds and star bellied sneetches


of the Dirty ole Onceler

and the mighty axe hacker

who can cut down 11 trees with just one smacker

we stand

we watch and cry

as our planet is poisoned and slowly dies


i own one or two as well as a penny and a rusty Kazoo

regret buying that junk i know just what to do

i will plant some seeds and water with care

make sure they get sunshine and plenty of fresh air

this is the way

its not too late

the planet not too big

love is greater than hate

so i give this charge to you children

Love all around you plants animals and trees

UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot ...we shall never be free...

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I am so sorry Honey Oil, And thank you for all your help, and effort out here in the battle.

That's what I get for being quietly efficient. I will try to make some noise once in a while. I did show up in Lansing last week! Can't make it tomorrow, unfortunately. I REALLY wish I could go. :-/



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