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Occupy Lansing

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(I can and will make changes, but it has already gone viral. People are READY TO PROTEST!)




Proceed to invite every friend on your friends list. Trust me, this is of utmost importance. It does matter if you support medical marijuana or the legalization of marijuana or who you are affiliated with. This is a MARIJUANA sponsored event.


In the past two months, the Senate and the House of Representatives have passed SEVEN bills in the Judiciary Committees that will render the patient aspect of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act useless. Those bills will float to the house and senate floors and be amended further without our permission or input.


On or around April 18, 2012, a "Distribution Model" will be presented to the House floor. This will kill the Act for caregivers, compassion clubs, farmers markets, dispensaries, and patients in certain areas. THE BILL WILL ALLOW LOCAL GOVERNMENT TO BAN THE USE OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA and create ordinances. It will only allow caregivers to grow and donate to their own patients. Farmers Markets will be a thing of the past. Dispensaries will have a model like Colorado. They are trying to make it so Michigan does not have growers.


After calling around today in disgust for the bills package & the bills that have already been voted on, I also heard that a few Reps and Senators are ALREADY getting together to create bills to AMEND THE LEGALIZATION ACT IF IT GETS ON THE BALLOT AND IS PASSED.


This is no longer a medical marijuana fight. They will kill the MMMA of 2008. If legalization happens, we will have the same type of fight. This hurts the sick & dying and the economy.


All marijuana supporters need to ban together, regardless of affiliation and join me on the Capitol steps. DEMAND they stop amending the MMMA of 2008, demand ALL LEVELS of safe access medicine.


As of now, the Capitol is going to be reserved soon. I am planning on it being the week of April 9-13 (the week after Hash Bash and the week before the Distribution bill is entered). Until then, PLEASE pass this information along and get it VIRAL. We need bodies and supporters.


Vendors for anything other than meds are welcome & there will be legalization signature booths as well.


LET US UNITE AGAINST CONGRESS, THE AG, & Law enforcement's interpretation of the law.



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Guest zigg01

I will raise all the gas money I can to help folks. Lets car pool. The people gave us this law. Lets defend the law and The People. They will get to see as a free people struggling for our rights. That is a awesome sight. Thanks, Bb

Does this mean I can get a ride?

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Ya know?

There are a lot of people that are too sick to leave their bed. They need their medicine. They will suffer greatly if they are denied. What are we if we can't get between hem and the state. It is the grandest human attribute to stand up for those that can't. I have never been able to stand by while another human is abused. Once you experience abuse you can never tolerate it. What is happening now is beyond despicable. The sick are watching in horror as the states hones it sights on them. Abuse is terrible, but the dehumanizing of the sick that has occurred is a civil rights violation. Stand with us. Protect the sick.

Hard to travel for me would like to be there. Edited by LITLJON
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Good to know who I am emailing next...


I am willing to take the fall either way. I pushed for a protest, I am trying to organize it. I have been contacting people for the past 24 hours and rallying supporters from all walks of life.


I have been asked by several 'rival' medical marijuana organizations if this is an MMMA protest. It is not. It is a marijuana protest for everyone to ban together for the rights of marijuana individuals.


People NEED to pull together.

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I completely agree with you and have been very open with both Matt & Rick that I was 'coordinating' with the MMMA and that you were reserving the steps. I have also asked if there were any other organizations that wanted to back the protest and help in any way. I have a lot of backing from Compassion Clubs.

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I am confused.......


The MMMA, who hosts farmers markets AND "Cannamomma" (who advertises a dispensing "Compassion Club in her signature line) are organizing a protest to dispute a "Distribution Model"?


Have you read the language on this proposed model?


Aren't farmers markets and "compassion clubs" that dispense meds ways of "distributing"?


How can we protest something, if we have not read the language?


As a side note: I am not in favor nor against this - I haven't had the opportunity to review it yet to decide.

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