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The Heat Is On: Growing Medical Marijuana In Hot Summer Weather


Summertime brings excellent weather for growing outdoor medical cannabis. Unfortunately, it also means immense summer heat that can stress plants, ruin crops and cripple the medical marijuana grower themselves. Although outdoor plants are usually acclimated to high temperatures, there has been an increase in the number of higher temperature days in virtually every climate zone, and growers need to be prepared. There are a few things you can do to ensure you and your plants stay protected from excess heat this growing season.

Shade Your Medical Marijuana Plants From The Sun


A shade cloth is an inexpensive way to protect more sensitive plants from the radiant energy of the hot summer sun. Throughout June I tend to keep large pieces of shade cloth handy to protect my smaller or younger (seedling) outdoor plants. I find it most advantageous for the small plants that receive an abundance of afternoon sun. With a simple lean-to or tepee I can set up the shade cloth to lessen the stress caused by extremely hot days. Any time you notice wilting during hot days when the soil has plenty of moisture you are probably witnessing heat stress. A shade cloth is a great way to lessen the stress while still allowing plenty of light hours so photosensitive plants will remain unaffected.

The Best Time For Watering Your Marijuana Plants


It is most efficient to water in the early morning or late evening. On days where extremely hot conditions are predicted, it is good to water at both times to ensure adequate moisture levels. I will even add stress relieving products like Organic-B or Advanced Nutrients’ Revive to the morning’s watering.


Many times a proactive watering in the morning on an extremely hot day will reduce or eliminate all stress otherwise associated with the heat. Some days it may be necessary to supplement waterings throughout the day if the medium dries out quickly. I have also found that misting or spraying plants with water can bring some relief on extremely hot days. Make sure to give the plants a light misting because large droplets on the leaves can actually create a magnification effect that will burn foliage.

Remember To Hydrate Yourself As Well


Don’t forget to hydrate yourself when you’re working in your outdoor medical marijuana garden. Some growers hike long distances to remote locations in extremely hot weather. Adequate hydration for the grower lessens the possibility of heat stress or heat stroke. The last thing any grower wants is to be found dead next to the crop because he/she only brought enough water for the plants.





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