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The Month Long Myth Of Cleaning Out

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I have a friend who has to take a hair test for a job. So i started to look around to see how long he needed to stop medicating. Found my answer, but also found this on urinalysis testing. I'm having a hard time believing this, but it is from norml. Anyone, especially chronic Medicators, ever experience a short clean out time like this article states?



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This is actualy from a National Drug Court Institute Publication that is linked to on norml site (link to pdf.. http://d20j7ie7dvmqo...on_Window_0.pdf ) somehow they take a bunch of previous studies ranging from 25-67 days and come up with a 10 day minimum. Its from the other side of the argument, they settled on 30 days as a sufficient time in regards to things like probation and drug court. However, I personally know people that took well over 30 days, up to 45 and 50 or more to clean out. It all depends on the amount/quality of smoke and weight/metabolism/body fat and diet of the smoker. I am on day 27 and still dropping dirty, I am 190 lbs 5'10" . bad metabolism.

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lol, I smoked the DAY of court.. Judge David Viviano, asked me directly when was the last time I used MM i said 20 minutes before I walked in here.. He then said I want you to refrain from the use of marijuana and go drop now to get my levels, and said I want ZERO by the end of the month.. and sent me right then to drop.. I dropped clean w.o any urine cleaners and I smoked that day.. go figure???


Hair is a different subject.. they have shampoo and stuff but I do believe it can go back 6months to one full year and they can pull a hair from inside your ear and get results..

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I got 30 days for violating my probation, When I was seriving my 30 days my 21 days after check cashed went thru! (alpena county) I sent all the copys that they wanted us to carry around to be our card till they got off their arse and made them, I started using mm the day I got out of jail on a dif kind of prob violation, I was sent to get a urine screen and I failed for thc in my system lol, I sent everyting to my p.o before all of that, well I guess she didnt like seeing mm in my system, she wanted to see methadone and xanax in my system.


I reported to my arraingment for prob violation and brought all of my paper work, including another county that droped charges of possesion on me when they seen my paper work, the judge in alpena said the only problem he has is, what if i did get a denial and im not telling him? I told him it was taking 93 days or something like that, he counted back, and said produce your card (he said i could fax a copy if i want) or show up for jail time on a certain date, I got my plastic, i faxed it and I used mm the next 10 months on probation! Only in america!





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