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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owner: 'i Provide A Safe Place For People To Medicate' (Video) 12:32 Pm, February 17, 2013 |

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On Feb. 8, the Michigan Supreme Court issued a ruling that left Michigan’s medical marijuana community gripped with fear. Suddenly, dispensaries and compassion clubs – where people gather to obtain and use medical marijuana – were now illegal.




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In this video, shot in Detroit near Eastern Market at the Trans Love Energies club, owner Holice Wood talks about lying low but staying open while he and others hope for changes in state law.

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I realy dont under stand why people want to pay twice as much at a despense, but hey let the pts have what theywant, just dont mess with the ones that dont need despenses, their are many c.g's taking good care of their pts, and they are not in it for the holly $$$, and on the other end, some seen $$ signs as soon as this law passed, I realy enjoying giving more than I recieve, I always have! Like I said earlier every one needs a c.g, even if they have despenses, I dont see how a pt can afford it, on the black market, med grade runs anywhere form 350 to 400 a zip sometimes more, most despenses dont like to pay 200 for a zip from their suppliers, they have no biz being open at this point, they need a law that says they can open for business and pay the exact amount of taxes they owe the government for their sales, and even though im a c.g also, the despenses need to 1099 their suppliers, or their suppliers need to keep track of how much they make off of despenses, a biz does not have to send you a 1099 as a selfemployed farmer, you have to keep track of your sales, they may tell the government they paid and recieved this amount from the farmer, but they do not have to send a 1099, it is up to the person making the case to claim it, I know that just from being self employed, one yr a big property I made alot of money off of, didnt give me a 1099 like they usualy did, I was told by my book keeper they dont have to 1099 you, they can send it in with or w/o your ss number! so I didnt file that property that yr, well 2 yrs later, i got a notice from the irs that i owed this much from this yr and i bettter change it with the state also! Plenty of cash to be made off of taxes from the despenses to make it worth mich to let despenses operate, than they will change the law to say c.gs have to disclose how much our pts pay for their meds also! as of now a c.g to a pt that they are connected to is not to consider it a taxable income, Id like to keep it that way for c.g's that dont supply despenses!


If a pt want to pay double instead of maybe payin 10 bucks a few times before they get the right c.g well so be it!




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I caught that also but it's the only way to make their point


We need to take the fight to its about the Patient leave out the caregivers

Because without the sick their is no Law


You could not be more correct in that the sick drive the law. The electorate voted to enact a law that requires a caregiver system, which delivers high quality weed at low prices. Quality caregivers will provide precisely this.Simply double or triple those prices and diminish the quality, and consider the difference between home grown and the stulff that arrives from outa state or is otherwise intended to put in your face without consideration for either, and you flatly arrive at dispensary prices and quality.



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It's unreal that the Dispensary owners have turned this into a quagmire the patients have and they must now address.

A component of that belief has to be that the original law is wrong. It can't be said enough times, there is nothing wrong with the CG PT structure, except if you are trying to make a profit of course.


It would be very interesting, if they are a matter of public record for NFPs, to see the salary structure at most dispensaries. I have a hard time believing that anyone in the ownership positions isn't making a very nice living. A living that of course could be threatened by the ruling.

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Was there a an amendment to the MMM Act of 2008 that allows dispenseries to operate? Still being a noob to the system here I'm curious to where it is written. I found House Bill 5580 for "Provisioning Centers" but that is still CG/PT transactions only. I can't find anything about clubs, or dispenseries being voted, or amended into the bill. I did enjoy visiting the dispenseries once in awhile to checkout new meds. Very expensive though.

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