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Must Read. Anyone Know What's Up With This Delhi Township Case?

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This is outrageous. Guy's house got broken into. His girl bagged and tagged the ripper. And now HE is up on felony charges with a sizeable bail. Two weeks have gone by since the incident and NOBODY has verified whether he is a patient and caregiver as he claims or not! TWO WEEKS! Apparently even his defense attorney hasn't checked!




MASON, MI — Nearly two weeks after an intruder barged into his home, a Delhi Township man faces a pair of felony gun charges and one felony drug charge.


Jason Terrill, 31, was arrested Monday, March 4, according to Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth. Terrill is charged with delivering/manufacturing 5 to 45 kilograms of marijuana, possession of a firearm by a felon and felony firearm.


A 20-year-old Lansing man wielding a handgun entered Terrill's home at 4216 W. Holt Road in Delhi Township through an unlocked back door about midnight Feb. 21, according to police. A woman who lives with Terrill shot the intruder in the abdomen. She has not been charged with a crime.


Sheriff's deputies later found 57 marijuana plants of various sizes in Terrill's house. They also seized seven guns, six of them belonging to the homeowners. Of those six, one was an assault rifle and another was a Romanian AK-47 replica.


The plants and firearms were seized after deputies obtained a search warrant.


Wriggelsworth said Terrill claims he is a licensed medical marijuana caregiver and also is licensed as a patient to possess the drug.


Magistrate James Pahl arraigned Terrill in Ingham County District Court on Tuesday. He set Terrill's bond at $35,000, stipulating he may not consume alcohol or drugs. Terrill posted bond and had been released by Wednesday, March 6.


Pahl scheduled Terrill for a pretrial conference on March 12 and preliminary examination on March 14. Both hearings are set to be held before Ingham District Judge Donald Allen.

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Not saying the guy wasn't doing anything illegal. I'm just questioning how two weeks have gone by and nobody (even the guy's defense attorney) seems to have verified whether or not he was a licensed patient and caregiver. It takes 1 phone call. How has it gotten this far without anyone even bothering to check?

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Yea, if he was in full compliance I don't see the felony firearms sticking. One little tell that concerns me is they are charging him with 5-45 kg and felon in possession of firearms. If he was sitting on 15lbs + of meds he is in trouble. I guess it is possible they did the old weight the plants root balls and all, but I guess we don't know. If he was a felon he definitely should not have had the guns.

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if he was in full compliance I don't see the felony firearms sticking lol that is so funny thanks for making my day its the same kind of thing as the plant count that leo does 1-20 and then its 20-200 plants same charge

so if your going to grow plants(before 08) you may as well make it 200 because its the same as growing 21 4-7 years i think

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