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New Conditions Panel, 4/26

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Yes, 1:00, and they begin pretty much on time.  Then testimony goes until no one wishes to speak, or the the time runs out at 4:00.  It is an easy place to testify.  


Right now the two conditions being considered, asthma and autism, in the initial vote taken, failed to gain support.  The public testimony on Friday is critical and hopefully families with stories of using medical marijuana for their autistic loved ones will come and tell their story.  The same is true with asthma.  


Hope to see as good a turn out as we had in January for PTSD and Parkinson's....

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The meeting lasted one hour and five minutes.


None of the petitioners showed up to testify.  Thankfully John Evans was there (a true hero), but only to show support not to testify.


PB came in and spoke off the cuff and was very good again.  Everyone owes him a big thank you for stepping up.



The decision regarding acceptance of Parkinsons and PTSD is due on May 12th.  Cross your fingers and toes....

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Passed this out to the board members that were there.


You had tried before I showed up. They said it wasn't proper for you to introduce and then I show up and pass it out.


It was fun.


Steve doesn't seem to remember me .. which is good.


Then I pointed out that they had used me as an example of how not to ..


You can't, or at least shouldn't, ignore the peek of our practical application knowledge about cannabis and medical conditions. That peek in knowledge ran from about 1900-1937. The law drove any new knowledge into the stone age. Until there was no doctor left alive that knew first hand.


Now we are trying to regain the knowledge that we had everyday, back in 1900. With our medical knowledge of today, we can greatly enhance our ability to gain for ourselves what this plant can offer.

For the record, our medical professionals are recovering from being forced into stone age in the area of medical marijuana. The fact that a medical condition warranted the application of cannabis in 1900, is a strong suggestion that it be carefully examined today.


Even a caveman can learn.



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Thanks both of you and all who made it.  Finally getting some days without rain has me up and running my business.  It is disappointing to say the least that the guy that wrote the Asthma paper and the guy the wrote the Autism paper both decided they had more important things to do. 

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Both petitioners didn't show?  Really.


I guess those suffering from Asthma and Autism continue to do so because they couldn't even come to support their petitions.  Time to get off your tails folks.  You wanted new conditions, do the work and follow through.


Dr. Bob

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I have to say, pisss poor showing from the community.  Noone even willing to bear witness to history? Well except for Johnny, PB and Hayduke(only panel member to even show up).


 If we expect better results, we, the royal we, must do a better job and put the effort in. 


 This is the patients opportunity to amend the Act.  We have the ability to present our case to a group of physicians( and Hayduke) and to convince them to "amend" the Act for us by adding a new condition and opening up the program to possibly(and likely) thousands.


 I think it is worth it.  It isn't easy.  But this is what the program is about right?


 Time to start writing research papers using supporting documentation AND, helping to get speakers and attendance at these public meetings/hearings.


 Noone is going to do it if you don't.  I can pretty much name the handful of people that have submitted petitions and the even fewer number that have showed up to support them.




 We can do better.  Let's do something that can actually make a difference by adding conditions.  I'm Done with talk, debate and the mental masturbation that generally occurs around here on hypothetical and philosophically irrelevant material.,.;  let's see some action.  Real action. 


Let's see some organization. 

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thanks pb and others who made it to the meeting.


michigan is a big state, sometimes its not easy for people to drive multiple hours to give testimony.


i wonder if heyduke would be willing to set up some kind of skype or google+ on a laptop so that people may give testimony via internet?


isnt that the whole point of the internet ? 

or people could make pre-recorded videos to be entered into testimony as well.

remember guys, this is the age of technology. think outside the box! :)

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