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Dte Wants In


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I got a letter from DTE in the mail yesterday notifying me they will be doing inspections of the gas meter and piping inside and outside of my house.


I am running CO2 in the home that I own in Washtenaw county.  I'm also fully legal l to my knowledge. Should I deny them entry and risk them escalating to a legal authority or let them in and be up front with the contractor they send out?

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Meet them at the door with your cards fully explain that you grow for cancer patients and other people in need of relief most contractors could care less last guy told me he sees 3-5 grows a week on his job I'm  sure you will be ok .


DTE also might make it more difficult if you refuse them access  they could yellow tape your house as a hazard zone as well for a gas leak drawing unneeded attention to you and your grow .

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I know in Detroit if you have the gas meter located inside the house they come around regularly to check their equipment for leaks. They are required to since their meter could leak inside your home. If your meter is inside they just want to look it over and use their little gas sniffing device around the pipes.

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They came in my home last month--actually a contractor to DTE who'd been preceeded by a letter citing a rule that the (the gas co) has to enter and inspect their indoor equipment at least every 5 years.  The landlord paid attention to the grow--he knows all about it--but the contractor no, he was busy checking meter, pipes and made no comment on anything.  i was concerned before the visit, feeling shaky, but much less so after the landlord met the inspector and said, "Lets disturb my tenant as little as possible he's a good tenant and I need them."

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My CO2 burner is in the bloom room.  Am I legally allowed to let them into my "enclosed, locked facility"?  Would they be concerned with a CO2 burner being used inside a house?



Your only concern should be the gas piping that's in your grow area that's what they are concerned with if its in the Co2 burners area id pull it for the day and set it back up after they leave.

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little bit of dawn dish soap and water works nice also...


and i would say...


do not let anyone other than yourself or your patient come into contact with your room while there is cannabis actively growing.




and might be a headache to accommodate,,,


but, safety first. 


rules are pretty much clear on who can enter the grow facility..


Cable guy was here recently... they didn't have to enter the specific room so i was good to go...


if they need to get into that room... then move your plants. :)


good luck..

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