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Cu Boulder Announces Huge Cost Of Banning 4/20 Celebrations


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CU Boulder Announces Huge Cost of Banning 4/20 Celebrations


On Thursday, officials at the University of Colorado Boulder announced that they spent almost $108,000 this year to stop students from celebrating 4/20 on campus.


In previous years, the unsanctioned event had drawn as many as 12,000 people to the quad, causing a disruption to the school’s academic mission, according to officials.


Chancellor Phil DiStefano explained in a statement, “While this is not money we are eager to spend, we have to ask ourselves what the costs are to us for having our work disrupted or having a student or bystander injured because we allowed the gathering on campus.”


CU Boulder openly allows tailgates before sports games, where students and attendees often consume large amounts of alcohol.  The school has not taken any steps to shut those events down, despite the fact that they share similar risks.


The costs for this year’s closure of the Norlin Quad included:

  • $70,850 for CU police/security/parking overtime and labor costs for officers from outside agencies
  • $12,025 for miscellaneous expenses including supplies, facility rentals, printing, food, and water for personnel
  • $9,881 for Argus security staff assisting with police operations
  • $5,591 for overtime labor costs in facilities, including groundskeeping
  • $5,016 for parking equipment rentals including cones, message signs noting campus closures, and barricades
  • $4,431 for fire/ambulance coverage

According to University officials, funding for the closure of parts of campus on 4/20 came from campus insurance premium rebates resulting from deductions in liability and hazard claims.


This was the second year the CU Boulder administration decided to shut down 4/20 celebrations on campus. 


This year officials were able to cut back on $17,000 worth of expenses from the inaugural shut down.




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Ban alcohol then maybe fairness will prevail.

Oh wait Alcohol Good, Cannabis Bad.

We love our drunks.. Keep on drinking up fellas we need more DuI income for the police and courts.

Why don't they have forfeiture for DUI's?

I think that they should.

They take your house and belongings for drug offences why not for alcohol?

I say that you should lose your vehicle if Convicted of DUI.

Stupid Sloppy Murdering Drunks...

While not illegal, there are many alcohol crimes because of drunkeness.

Lets start treating drunks the same way they want to treat Cannabis users.

Watch how fast those forfeiture laws go up in smoke.

Sorry for the rant but I am Tired of being maligned for my Cannabis use.

Lets have some equality in our laws.

Bash away...

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I have no sympathy for a drunk driver.. My Father is a alky, put me through the windshield of his van, my step dad has 4 DUI's, my last living friend has 2 and a immobilizer on his ride and still cant stop driving drunk..

Every day I ride home I have to zip past or drive behind the idiot swerving in all three lanes, I was at the fireworks a few days ago on the bike these decent looking women starting trying to talk to me.. they were so sloppy it was silly.. I said you arent driving are you " hell yeah I drive great when Im drinking", ahh what about people like me on my bike? "I'm good I love bikes" Blah get away from me...

I agree the penalty for drunk driving should be far greater, than 3 chances then a stupid machine that still lets you drive.. don't smoke a joint or its zero tolerance.. its so dumb its laughable..


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I propose medical alcohol. You know, you gotta see a doctor once a year and get a recommendation and then submit that to the state and get a card that allows you to ........

This was actually big business during alchohol prohibition.  It was a prescription rather than a recommendation, but it was pretty widespread.



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