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Pot Growing Kingpin Has Long History Of Drug Charges

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A Mt. Pleasant man accused of using Michigan’s medical marijuana laws as a front for illegal street sales has faced numerous drug charges in Michigan and Arizona over the years and was first convicted 21 years ago.

Dennis J. Huber was caught with marijuana, driving drunk on a suspended license and using a fake driver’s license in Mt. Pleasant back in 1992, according to Isabella County court records.

He took a plea deal that dismissed the suspended licence and open intoxicants charges and pleaded guilty to the others, including possession of marijuana. Huber served 45 days in jail and completed a one-year probation.


Narcotics officers allege that Huber, most recently, used a downtown Mt. Pleasant business to grow and harvest marijuana under the auspices of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, but that he grew more than was allowed, failed to follow procedures outlined in the law, and that much of his product was resold on the streets.



Although the current case revolves around Huber, Isabella prosecutors also charged his stepfather, Donald T. Inman, and are seeking possession of upwards of $62,000 in cash and ownership of the building at 311 W. Michigan St. that housed the growing operation.

Investigators believe that Inman actually owned the business and that Huber worked for him.

In addition to criminal charges against both Huber and Inman, Chief Assistant Prosecutor Robert Holmes seeks the cash and property under Michigan drug forfeiture laws, which requires proof that the property was used for illegal drug operations and that the proceeds were obtained from those sales.

Part of the proofs offered by Holmes include records that the pair, along with Ruth A. Inman, wife of Inman and mother of Huber, gambled nearly a half-million dollars at the Soaring Eagle Casino in the 15 months prior to their arrest.

While neither of the Inmans has prior criminal records, Huber has faced a long list of drug charges in the past two decades.

Huber was arrested on eight drug charges in Arizona in 2005 after being caught with marijuana, other narcotics and illegal possession of prescription drugs, according to court records from Maricopa County, Ariz.

Five of those charges were dropped in a plea deal in which Huber admitted to two counts of illegally possessing prescription drugs and one count of marijuana possession.

Huber avoided jail or prison time and was placed on probation for two years in the Arizona case.

Besides those convictions, Huber was arrested twice in Isabella County, both times for possession of designer or synthetic drugs.

He pleaded guilty to possession of synthetic drugs in 2008 and was sentenced to two years probation.

Just last year, Huber pleaded no contest to a charge of possession of synthetic drugs and received one year of probation.

His latest probation was still running, set to expire this week, when he was arrested on the latest charges in March.

Huber faces trial July 29 before Isabella Trial Court Judge Mark Duthie on four counts of marijuana delivery or manufacture, one count of conspiracy to distribute and one count of operating a drug house. He’s also being charged as a habitual offender which could double the most serious charges to eight years and a $40,000 fine each.

Donald Inman faces trial July 22 before Judge Paul Chamberlain on charges of manufacturing marijuana, conspiracy to deliver and operating a drug house.

Civil proceedings to keep the property of Donald and Ruth Inman are scheduled before Judge Duthie beginning July 15. That trial is scheduled to last three days.

Donald Inman is free after posting $4,000 of a $40,000 bond.

Huber posted $13,000 on a $130,000 bond.



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er nevermind. cant read.


this might be him:

07/29/2013 9:00 AM Court Room 4 CHAMBERLAIN PROB VIO SEN HUBER,DENNIS 20120000000177 FH
07/29/2013 9:00 AM Court Room 2 DUTHIE TRIAL- JURY HUBER,DENNIS 20130000000657 FH

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Man he must have the best of the best for attny's, wtf 2 times only getting probation for designer drugs? aka exctasy,Lsd,etc, and the arizona one!  woh ho! 


Will the real kingpin please stand up!  please stand up!



Its all about the $$$$$






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