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True Purple Strains

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Just wondering what strains are truly Purple or Blue?


Some strains just the leafs turn purple some the flower has purple highlights with red/orange hairs &  some appear to be totally Purple with green leafs & some look to even have blueberry color blues..


I've been looking at

Purple Haze #1, purple erkel, Candy Purple,  Purple power, the purps, purple star, Purple Kush, Grape Ape, Plumb Crazy Purple, & Purple Trash ...


 ATM I have GDP but I don't see anything out of the ordinary as of yet...  Now I know some people use LED lights, Cold Temp stress, or even food coloring to fake it. But I want to try some with true reliable genetics in my lineup.   





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Purple God Bud is Very purple, regardless of temp.

Chitral Pakastani Kush is usually purple.

Purple Nepalese is usually reliably purple.

Bhutanese is usually purple in colder temps.

The Purps is hit and miss, as are most "Purple" strains.

MOB is usually very colorful. Blues, lavenders and some purples.

I have yet to have a really nice tasty, happy purple variety yet.

Tried a few.

Good luck.

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