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Anyone Know When Bayanet Is Doing Flyovers?


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if you put shade cloth above your plants, bayanet will not be able to tell its marijuana from the air.

might save you a visit.


and definitely will make you more compliant with the law, having a roof on your locked secure plants.

bawahahahahaha!  thats funny, have you ever been up with one of them guys, and ran the grids, not much you can do to hide them, they can hide them better than you lol!  just dont grow outdoors if you dont want to get caught, and for you people that think corn fields are prime for plants, think again, the corn is all fading, the ladys are all still in there beauty, pick pine trees instead of corn fields, or try and do it in your yard camoflaged the best you can, I personaly would not take the chance, they can pick them plants out, like a needle in a hay stack!


They are already flying over because of the cold at nite, some are trying to bring some in to finish them off!


Best of luck!



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I am always compliant, the concern comes from the fact that after they land next to or circle my garden, every thief in 50 miles seems to know where my garden is. Last year after they landed next to my garden I had to guard it 24/7, I had several "visitors" after they showed everyone where I was growing. I rescued a Boxer from the shelter, his pen surrounds my garden, anyone wanting to rip me off this year will have to deal with a very mean dog. I would hate not to be home and have Bayanet shot him.


Good luck all

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