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As you eluded to, the cut is somewhat "challenging" to find here in Detroit so I haven't had the chance to grow it yet BUT I have had the priviledge to try this strain on a few occassions and i can say that it is a very strong, head-splitter for sure! Definetly one of the best strains on the market today! Great for pain and a number of other ailments. If you have the cut you are definetly in posession of something special !!!!! Keep me posted on how the grow goes. Regards ..............


- Dread

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This is my favorite strain right now. It has lived up to the hype and more. Grows crazy fast in veg. Very small yielder, but that can be improved with some work. Ive never seen her hermie before. Her leaves will turn purple in veg if she gets cool at all.










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Nice spiraling cola.

Looks really nice Dio.

Have you read about the thin mint variant?

I was reading about it earlier.

Supposedly a disp in Colorado developed her.

I think I was reading it at the cannabis encyclopedia.

Not much of a site but it looks like it will be nice after its done.

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