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Will The Recently Passed Decrim Measures Have An Effect On The Michigan Legislature?


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  1. 1. Will the Michigan Legislature pass decriminalization now, because of the lansing, ferndale and jackson votes?

    • yes, they will pass (or even vote on) decrim.
    • no, just like they did nothing after detroit, grand rapids, flint and ypsilanti passed decrim.

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The 1%'rs will never allow us to vote their money and interests away. Our reps work for others with large agendas. Everyone has a boss, same as the old boss. This is the reason the most senseless decisions are made, regardless of the elected. The agenda stays, and nothing changes.

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It is not a priority.  While that is good, it is still a police option and that is bad. 


Given that option, the officer will decide whether he feels like punishing the cannabis user that day or not.  The officer should not have that option.

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Have police/prosecutors in any of the decrim cities stated that they will follow the will of the people? I thought I read awhile back that GR would do this.


the kent county prosecutor tried to challenge it in the court for a few months.


On May 7, 2013, Judge Sullivan ruled to dismiss the County Prosecutor’s case against Prop 2 and Grand Rapids’ voters! Read the entire opinion KCPA v City of GR-Summary Disposition Opinion now.




no idea on the news since then re: prosecutors and police in GR.

you could call them up and see what they say haha.

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