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Canned For Off The Clock Marijuana Use!


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Majority of Americans Believes It’s Wrong to Fire Employees for Off The Clock Marijuana Use


A new poll conducted bu HuffPost/YouGov found that 64% of Americans believe it would be wrong for people to be fired for off the clock marijuana use in states that have legalized marijuana or medical marijuana.


Medical and/or recreational marijuana is legalized in almost 20 states, but in most states someone can lose their job if they fail a drug test for THC, even if they are using marijuana legally off the clock.


HuffPost/YouGov’s poll, conducted Oct. 31 through Nov. 1, surveyed 1,000 U.S. adults from a sample that matched demographics and other characteristics of the adult U.S. population.


The poll found that when the question did not say whether marijuana use was legal in the state, answers changed slightly. In that instance, 45% of respondents said it’d be unacceptable for employees to be fired for pot use outside of work.



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