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Patients With Cancer


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I provided supervised and unsupervised relief for a few cancer victims in the end months of their life. Some required my personal assistance with each step of consumption, either smoked vaped, or ingested. I made suppositories with their requested dosages also. Only purified botanical extractions of cannabis were used, made under vacuum, and with food safe organic solvent. I used buds because I always had a lot of them, and my worms and bunnies eat all of the scraps. I know which strains were most effective in alleviating nausea, and severe pain, and helping with deep pain free sleep, with these patients. I used OG Ghost Train#1, and Moonshine Haze, hands down the strongest (in that manner)marijuana I've ever grown or sampled(over 100 strains to date) I've harvested most of what Rare Dankness offered at the time on Attitude, and knew for sure they were tops for this purpose. I don't like Hazes, and I don't care to use Rare Dankness gear, but for those who need this type of relief, look no farther. I keep all of them in my genetic library for the occasion. 


I did also supply a patient who was administering the (rso?) to their own relative who was seeking an alternative to radiation/chemo, unsupervised. I did this for a year and did hear good results, but was always nervous about it. Not who was using, but why. they moved to another state and that stopped. I probably would not supply a cancer patient seeking an alternative treatment, without a physicians supervision/validations again, but I still help with exit care often, either way.


I copied a biblical recipe for the anointing oil, gathered the rare oils, made some of my own, and followed directions. this became a super effective treatment for psoriasis,morgellons and for skin cancer users. I was unable to find a group that was interested in the oil, and only  a few patients have found me with requests.  maybe its very first application in that recipe book.



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Another group produced this video of my first cancer patient. I am not involved with this organization or any others. Also, I am not endorsing any groups or organizations.


I am posting this video only to provide an update on how my first cancer patient is doing. The update has been added to the first video they did of him. If I had rights/permissions to the new video I would have kept them separate as part 1 and part 2.


StoneCrowe316 is Joe's name here at MMMA





Edit: One thing is for sure, you can certainly tell he has gained weight and looks much more healthy. I can tell that the "chemo brain" effect is no longer there. He seems perfectly healthy and happy now.

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