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Best Place To Crop My Plants!


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50% humidity, keep it out of the light. Once the stem snaps put in a paper bag for a day.

I wait until its crispy on the outside and bag it for 3-5 days then into jars ive found that once you pull it from the bags it has drawn the moisture from the inner part of the buds out through the bud stabilizing it making it perfect for jars.

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heres a simple video, it may explain some stuff to you



at 6minutes in he talks about curing.


i dunno if its accurate or the best, but drying buds is like waiting for fruit to ripen.

you have to know what the "fruit" feels like.

bone dry? or springy?

whats best?


its like asking us when your banana will ripen on your kitchen table.

or how long it takes your tomatoes to ripen on the vine.


its nature, we cant tell you specifics.

depends on plant humidity, air humidity, plant genetics, flower structure.

air flow. so many variables.

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