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San Jose Begins Crackdown On Medical Marijuana Businesses


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San Jose Begins Crackdown on Medical Marijuana Businesses


On Tuesday, the San Jose City Council voted 8-3 to support a package of medical marijuana business-related laws that they will take a final vote on in March.  In the meantime, however, the council told city code officials to start taking action against medical marijuana businesses that are located close to homes.


On Wednesday, San Jose, Ca. officials began shutting down medical marijuana shops that are located too close to homes.  These crackdowns are the first step the city is taking as part of a strict set of new regulations set to roll out in full in 2014.


Overall, the new regulations would limit where medical marijuana dispensaries can be located.  Under the new laws, medical marijuana businesses would be limited to operate in about 1% of the city in an industrial area in the northern tip of the city away from schools, homes, and drug rehab facilities.


San Jose currently has no legislation banning marijuana shops but there is also no legislation expressly allowing them, which gives the city council the authority to shut them down.  Previously, the city had only targeted dispensaries that elicited complaints from the community.  Now, they are taking their enforcement activities to a new level.


Councilwoman Rose Herrera attempted to enact to ban of pot shops altogether, but that effort failed by a 7-4 vote, with only Councilmen Xavier Campos, Kansen Chu and Pete Constant joining Herrera.



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