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I liked the side notes on freezing to allow less chlorophyll and other mistakes side barred to make the video more informative.  It gives the general idea and she does state that boiling alcohol is dangerous and uses an electric stove top and a water bath.  Not the way I'd do it but it's a rudimentary learning video.  A little sloppy towards the end and probably could've boiled more off but she did use drinking alcohol.  Didn't mention anything about decarbing either from what I saw.

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That smartstill is a good way to go. Much like the ISO2. What makes the ISO2 better is that you can do the whole process contained.


One thing I would do to improve on that smartstill video was to run the alcohol you are going to use for extraction through the still first so you know it's 100%, leaving behind anything with a higher boiling point. Make sure you control the temp just above your alcohol boiling point and leave around 10% undistilled and throw that away.


Glass syringes are a lot better than plastic, especially if you are going to store it that way.

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