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Question Regarding Mm Card

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Greetings everyone,


I was approved for a medical marijuana card a month or more ago and recently found out that the check I wrote was declined. Currently waiting for the denial letter to come in the mail. Once it arrives, I will obtain a money order and my hope is that the problem will be solved.

My question to you all is regarding getting a caregiver. Originally when filling out the application at the doctors' office, I did not mark that I wanted a caregiver. In the time that has passed since the information and check were mailed, I have changed my mind and started talking to a few candidates. Might it be possible for me to either send back a change form or adjust the one that I originally completed when I send the money order? If this method would work, it certainly would save me a lot of time rather then wait for the hard card and then send in the change form.


Best Regards,


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I would wait and see what your denial letter says,  do you know why the check was no good?  I always send them a personal check that way I know it will be good, but if you know and it wasnt a bounced check, I would send in a change of c.g form and the extra 10 bucks and just go from there, I realy dont see how that can mess you up more than it already is,


I sent in my renewell, and before I got that back I sent in a change of adress and a c.g attasation app, all went well, and that was when they were taking like almost 6 months to get the cards out!


Best of luck to you!




p.s in the last 2 yrs it has only taken me 21 days and 22 days to get my hard card!

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call LARA and ask them. lara has a phone number listed on website http://michigan.gov/mmp

they'll either return your application or request a new check. i'm not sure.

if they return your application, then you can fill out the caregiver part then.


if they dont send it back, you can call them and ask them to send it back so you can fill it out.

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Lara says to wait till you receive notification in the mail.  If notification says to resubmit the forms you can change caregiver at that time.  If it just says to send a check to complete it you can send in the check and then send in a caregiver change form and the check for $10 without having your patient #.  Your address and social security # will be sufficient to track you down for the change.

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