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Grower's Secret


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Does anyone have any info on this stuff my buddy gave me a brand new bottle and I can't find no information on it. I found 2 websites that refer to this bottle I have and cannabis. It says on the bottles lable: grower's secret organic root power vitalize mycorrhizal fungi and microbes staged 1-3 helps plants use nutrients and mosture

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it definitely would make a difference if the soil was already shorted. These bacterium/fungi etc die at once when salt fertilizers are added, but are beneficial in organic systems. ridex uses some similar microbes to break down organic matter in septic tanks. Bleach, salt, acids, even alcohol and prescription drugs can and will affect the microbe actions in that system.   starting with a clean organic soil and adding some compost, or other natural fertilizers will provide every microbe needed for successful gardening, just like outside.  chlorinated water kills soil microbes and beneficial fungi.  they love a tea though, with watered molasses or cal mag bubbling for a bit.

I tired something call OG ...  it is the same concept ...   add microbs to soil .   Thought it made a difference.

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