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Blue Dream, Green Crack,swiss Cheese

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Yea but where at that i dont have to drive 300 miles to get em?

That is between You and Tricloud.

E-mail him, you may never know until you ask him.

There are a Lot of people growing his strains so they can't be too hard to acquire.

Also RCMC ships to the states from Canada.

One man operation, nice fella.here is his link.


Good luck.

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theseeddepot also has many local breeders in residence.


I absolutely love Triclouds' Pineapple Princess, may very well

be my 2nd best mmj. Just awesome daytime meds for me.

Great clarity, creativity, motivation + relieves the general aches

and pains of my arthritis so I am able to use my hands easier.

It either relieves the pain or makes me so happy I just don't

notice it as much... either way it is a great strain imho.

I've not tried any of Triclouds other strains, yet. PP rocks 

so I am sure his other strains are just as wonderful.

It is my opinion that it is well worth your while to contact Tri :)

Support our MI breeders, by local!

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