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Dr Greenthumbs Freedom 35

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Ive been looking to add a short flowering strain to my perpetual garden setup I just love Dr Greenthumbs genetics everything I've grown from his stock has been potent and fantastic medicine I will be running one plant to 35 days and im going to let run another week or so to see the difference .


* Freedom 35 *
Completely Finished with 35 to 45 days of 12 - 12!!!
Freedom 35 will remain in a vegetative state indefinitely
under a 24 hour photoperiod.

NEW & In Stock - Freedom 35
Product Code- 35F (Feminized) ♀


Superb potency
Trippy and Spacey

Potency: 4½ out of 5
Taste: The dried cured taste is like Caramel

Freedom 35- Feminized
INDICA Dominant



Finished height

* May be vegged
to whatever height
you desire.
Very little stretch.

Plant height


Yield (g/m²)

Good yield
Very little trimming




35 to 45 Days
of 12 - 12



Potency Key: Strains like
AK-47 or White Widow would
have a rating of 4 out of 5.
Frost Resistance-


Frost Resistance-


* When flowered at 24 inches will finish at about 28 inches.
Best vegged with a 24 hour photoperiod.

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Hey King,

Toxic journaled these over at the 3MG if you are interested in checking them out.

I saw Dr Grubers journal haven't seen Toxics yet cant wait until I can see the magic happen in my garden that's a really fast finisher might just be a godsend for my heavy use patients.
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Read a test on Iron labs site that listed a sample of her at 23% I think.

Yes I saw that awesome smoke / lab report from Dr Gruber very neat and pro like loved it cant wait if it reads out that high and finishes in the mid 40s it could be a godsend to caregivers and patients looking for a quick turnaround.
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Time for the smoke report


I love the smell of the Freedom 35 in a mason jar it gives out a nice sweet caramal fragrance the dry hit on a joint is like fruity pebbles very sweet and the taste smoking also has a sweet candy like flavor but the potency for a 40 day total flowered plant is just out of this world id rank the effect right up there with some of Docs greatest strains if I had to complain about anything it would be the yield not real great in my garden just under 2 ounces dried and cured I still have a few beans so once some room becomes available ill likely run her again see if I can improve on my yield.




I give it a solid 8 not real pretty to look at all smaller buds




I give her a solid 10 for flavor it really perks up the taste buds




I give her a 9 1/2 out of 10 for effect it has a serious wicked stone to her great nighttime medicine.

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Regarding the yield: since I don't know your setup, I'm not sure how 2 oz. stacks up compared to your other grows.  How much of a reduction is this compared to normal for you?  25%, 50%, 75% less?  Faster turnaround is awesome, but if it results in cutting your yield in half I'll take a pass.

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