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Drooping Issue

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ok, i have an issue, im in veg, and im running 18/6  and maybe an hour or 2 prior to the lights going off my plants will start drooping, the light goes off and in the morning when it comes on 6 hours later  they are perky and healthy looking as hell all day untill an hour or two prior to the lights going off the next time, my humidity was really low i had just fixed the issue maybe 5 days ago it was hanging around 20 % now its 50-60% temp are between 70-78 lights on and 60-70 lights off, i let them all dry out real good and they still do it. my nutes were a bit heavy and i have some burning going on but not too bad so i gave them all a good flush today , i am in promix, using dyna gro grow, a bit  of super thrive and pro tect, ph going in is between 6.0 and 6.2 coming out it is 6.0, i was heavy on the nutes and when i flushed today the runoff was around 1200 ppm. here are pics of 1 of the plants  they all look like this prior to lights off and then lights on there nice and perky all day untill the next  lights off.








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just got transplanted into a 5 gal about a week ago, was doing this same thing before transplant too, roots looked nice and white they were rootbound in the 3 gal pot prior to transplant.

Never had to address this type of issue back off the nutes for a couple waterings and when she is ready give her a good flush.
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70-78 on top of the plants?  Could it be heat stress towards the end of the day as the heat builds?  Some strains may just weep before bed?


The purplish red petioles may be strain or temp dependent or could be that over fertilizing has started to lock out phosphorous. I've never got my water or soil ph down to 6 so I can't comment on what that could cause with over fertilizing.  Personally I'd flush with ro water closer to 7 and just feed cal mag lightly for a while.   If nutrient buildup occurs would flushing work to get to safe levels or would those salts be locked up and unavailable even after a flush?


I can't tell because of the lighting but is tip burn starting to occur and the lower leaves remaining curled during the day?

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