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Meet The Anti-Pot Activists

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nah, these people are merely a distraction.

CALM is such a small organization, not worth reading about. there were similar anti-alcohol groups during alcohol prohibition.


what we need to find are the internal memos of private prisons, pharmacueiticals, cotton/paper fertilyzer/pesticide industry.

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On a hunter green poster she hands out to visitors, Lowe has printed a huge definition of marijuana: “It is a fat soluble, mind altering, highly toxic drug that remains in the body for up to one month, building up with each additional joint. The two organs most affected are the brain and sexual organs.”


Is this a warning or advertisement?

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He believes that legalized recreational marijuana will prove toxic for teens—both psychically and mentally. “When it starts impacting our youth, that’s when minds will change. That’s our future.”


Is that a news typo or did the guy actually say both psychically and mentally :)  That would be cool if they became psychics

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yea all the politicians are my age and a lil older, so most have smoked weed and dont want their kids and the people who elected them to know!


we will soon see more and more come out and say they inhaled, they snorted, and they quit or like to burn one at night to relax instead of their martini's.



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“Calling it ‘medical marijuana’ is a joke,” says Carla Lowe, 75-year-old founder of Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana.


Of equal vigor but less enthusiasm is Tom Gorman, the 70-year-old director of the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program,


The young rising stars of the movement.

angry-old-man.jpg      angry-old-woman-rex-sm-v.jpg


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