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the more roots the better for the plant.

the more dirt, the more the roots can grow.

the bigger the pot, the more dirt it can hold.


thats assuming you can water them properly.


i think i had 8 (or 10?) gal pots at one time, which are pretty big (and quite heavy). i had 6 pots in an 8x4 tent.

the plants did not use all of the dirt. this might have been due to my dirt composition.


so it depends how many plants you have. and if you can access the tent from all four sides,

meaning you dont have to get in the tent yourself.


bigger pots are harder to turn, and you ideally would like to turn the pots a quarter turn per day so that the light can hit all of the plant. simulating how the sun changes position in the sky.


maybe i just liked having an 8x4 tent i could walk in, zipper back up, and smoke in there in peace. :)

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