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Portable Bud Vaporizer

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Has anybody tried the Firewood Vaporizer? I saw it mentioned on another forum some time ago.


Firewood vape


Has an old school dugout look to it. I kind of like it. I am not in to vaping buds, but am tempted to get one.  Just to give it a try.


I have also heard pretty good reviews on the Magic Flight Launch Box also.



Does anybody have a favorite portable bud vaporizer?



The Eclipse Vape is supposed to work with bud material. I tried it and it did not work out so well. It is good with concentrates though.

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I have the magic flight launch box I really like it. I does get to hot if you do not work it just right. takes some time to get used to but small and light. For a light user like me it is good. It seems you need to hold battery in for a bit at first till fills with vapor and inhale. Then instead of taking a hit right away again I let it set for a tad or it will get over hot and combust the cannabis.

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magic flight is novel, expensive, neato. on the shelf. crapola if quality vaping is on your mind, imo. good conversation piece, and everyone should own one, if they got an extra hundie lying around.


I like the looks of that one in your pic....off to find it...


Oh my! Looks like it is currently out of stock. Wasn't the other day.... http://firewoodvapes.com/ps/index.php?id_category=6&controller=category


If anyone tries the Firewood Vaporizer, please tell us how it works. Especially if you have also tried the Launch Box and give a comparison.

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