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Journal Of Iaf By Dr Greenthumbs--If I Can Scrub The Pics

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you can click on the link to fully learn how to remove EXIF data before posting pictures online :)



Now that I explained you what EXIF Data is and showed you how you can view EXIF on JPEG files, I will now show you how to remove EXIF Data completely or partially from JPEG files.

1) EXIF Data and XMP Data explained

There are multiple reasons why you might want to remove EXIF fully or partially from files:
a) You are posting an image to a low-bandwidth site and need to keep the file sizes to a minimum
b) You want to protect your work and photographic style
c) You want to remove unnecessary junk from JPEG files to keep the file smaller, yet need to retain important EXIF Data such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

I personally use the last reason to keep my files a little smaller and to make sure that unnecessary junk does not get written into my JPEG files.

Let me first explain what EXIF Data is written into a file. If you use Adobe products such as Photoshop or Lightroom for manipulating your images, EXIF Data typically consists of three parts: the normal EXIF Data that contains your camera settings, the XMP Data that contains post-processing steps you took before the image was exported and a thumbnail of the image. Here is a short excerpt from the above URL:

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open the picture on your computer

go to edit > copy


open up mspaint , click edit>paste


now you have a new image with no metadata, no gps crap.

file > save as > newfile.jpg


or theres other programs to remove metadata.

i havent tested this, but it looks easy if you are on windows


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