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I Can't Get Rid Of My Court Appointed Attorney

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I didn't like him from day 1.


He is an arrogant SOB. He had no previous experience with anything MM related, but would not listen to anything I had to say. Not that he wouldn't consider my ideas, he flat out shut me down from speaking in his presence. Period.


My youngest son, quite smart, won't even attend my court appearances because he hates the SOB. The very first time he met him he got yelled at for asking a question. He almost hit him. Sometimes I wish he had.


We are at a point that I am not allowed to call his office as I will be hung up on. If I wish to communicate with him it has to be in writing. I don't know what to do as I cannot afford an attorney, and I have absolutely no confidence in this guy. A real attorney would have had my case dismissed under section 4 at the evidentiary hearing. I realized the decision would have been appealed, but he allowed the prosecutor to bring my doctor, a really nice person who went to the mat for me, to be humiliated in court. He spent not one minute preparing a single witness. All he told my doctor was to familiarize himself with my patient records.


Thing is. He thinks he is doing a great job. 


Currently waiting on people v Tuttle, and people v Hardwick to be resolved. My case is in abbeyance after the Judge ruled I could use a section 8 defense at trial. Persecutor (not a typo) appealed, they were denied by CoA, They then appealed to MSC, and now we wait.


I need someone to represent me pro bono for the home stretch. 

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Thank you Jim and i know how you have won your own case's Lol and joining minormi is a good start i would join here and become a paid member it was the first time i/we ever used a forum


on line and being a paid member  here at the MMMA site is and was the best thing we had done because the MMMA was there for us from the fist 12 hours after our raid and has its own rewards 

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