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Worth Township Notice Of Public Hearing For Mmj Ordinance

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Date: August 6, 2014
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: Worth Township Meeting Room
6903 S. Lakeshore Rd.,
Lexington, MI
Purpose: Oral and written comments will be heard at this public
hearing. Written comments must be received by the
Worth Township Office on/or before August 5, 2014
Copies of the proposed ordinance will be available at
the Worth Township Office.
Written Comments: Worth Township
6903 S. Lakeshore Rd.
Lexington, MI 48450
Planning Commission
Worth Township
July 14, 2014

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I'm imagining this meeting is concerning the giant multi greenhouse grow op right across the street from them. Trees can be seen

through the plastic all the way around, and the sweet smell of colitis rises up in the air. Close your eyes and it smells like Humboldt County ! They think they are legal with caregivers renting plots, the last I heard, and I hope it's true.

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City's around the State all want to be in on the Cannabis rush ( Green Rush ) Dollar rush. and want a pice of the pie and when the pie is ready to be sliced some will get a bigger pice then others nothing new about that and the City's won't have to worry about getting arrested for a door being unlocked 

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