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Parent Fighting 4 Years Now In Detroit Against Great Injustice..

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Four years now I have been fighting at the friend of the court in Detroit to be able to

have my fair time with the child I raised for six years.  I left the mother five years ago

and her horrible Southfield lawyer team somehow secured the conservative icon Judge

Arthur Lombard whom has dragged this father's rights through the mudd for the simple

fact of being a legal medical marijuana card holder.  The father has never been arrested

or in trouble in the past.  The father is a well known artist whose work has been featured

in local and national news many times. 


The mother/aggressor has been a lifelong casual user of marijuana along with many

members of her family and friends circle but has used the father's medical marijuana card

against him for a custodial advantage.  The father lives three blocks away from his child.


The mother's warchest is funded by her rich executive father whom is a pedafile.


For four years the persecuting attourney firm has also used defamation and unfair bargaining

tactics against this father whom has mostly represented himself in court.  The imposed orders

upon the father and continued struggle towards freedom affects all marijuana utilizers

in Michigan whether they have children or not. 


Throughout the course of this process the court has helped cause harm and malice to the

father and son simply for the father being a legal medical marijuana patient.  


Also local police, building code enforcers and government officials of Hamtramck (a city within

Detroit where we live) have persecuted this artist/father in a series of disturbing events that continue.


I am beginning to post these injustices on youtube.    

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Yes I am the father, my writing has been influenced by writing appeals for the court.  It is a long story but has

been going on for over four years.  My ex whom is the mother of my child, told me her and her middle sister

were sexually abused for years.  I also worked for her father at his home for over four years.  I would love to

be in a court room focused on him and if he wants to sue me directly I am all about seeing a judge.  


Unfortunately with the Friend of the Court situation you cannot simply get it moved to another court or judge.

You are literally stuck.  In the last the year, the referee judge Schewe that was one of our two judges left his

position.  Also the main judge Lombard whom is giving us the most difficult time is retiring back to his home

at the end of this year.  Early this month we were in front of one of the new judges we have and it is a

continuation of what the main judge Lombard has set. 


It is important to understand that i have never been in trouble or arrested, that this court action has been

imposed by the mother and her family.  It is important to note that Michigan law clearly states that having

a medical marijuana card is not by itself grounds for limiting a parent's rights.  You must PROOVE a strong 

threat of danger.  There has never been proof of anything in this case.  I would have more rights if i had

been convicted of a felony..

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Also, yes i have 50% legal custody but no physical custody at this time although i raised my son

for over six years.  When my ex first dragged us into court her attourney tried to force the court

to have a court therapist examine just me, thankfully judge Schewe had both my ex and I

evaluated for six weeks.  A well known Dr. Bow made the evaluation.


After Dr. Bow evaluated us he wrote that I deserved total equality with my son.  Four years later nothing.

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Shishka,  I hope I understood and replied to your questions.  I take a photo of my child to court

and show people in protest as no one involved, especially the mother and prosecutor, wants to

put a face to my son's name.  Father's need rights, that is the only way to balance.  Currently the

Detroit Friend of the Court is number one in the country for jailing poor parents and for seperating

children from fathers.  When i am at the Friend of the Court many fathers come up to me out of

nowhere and tell me how horrible this situation is.  I have been piecing together a documentary...

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Sorry lady's!  it is not friend of the court it is friend of the c--t, I had my own issues with them, what I dont under stand is the most they ever did to me was make me have supervised visits! and my supervisers were my alcoholic brother and wife lol!


I realy dont see how it gets as far as you say it did, im not saying your lying but dude you have to fight for your rights, the only time I needed an attny in f.o.c was when ssdi payed her double and I had to get 24k back from her/them.


I have smoked mj all of my life and I had a misd record that turned most judges face red lol!


The only other time I went in front of a judge was when I got to foc and the case worker was a b-tch I told her the letter I got was for a hearing in front of a judge not another c--t. so I got my hearing and well lets just say it didnt go that well lol.


so I take it your son is like 10 or 11?  do you have any kind of relationship with your son? if so when he turns 12 he can tell the judge he wants to see his dad or even live with his dad!


I finaly got my ssdi pay off when my son was 20 and in the marines, he has to go to the ssi office and collect what I owed for child support because he was over 18, as soon as he got it he signed it over to his mother/witch and before he left to go back to base she handed him the w-2 or 1099 and told him he had to pay taxes on it bawahahahahahaha!  so you see it is friend of the c-nt and no one else!


Best of luck!



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Thanks for sharing your story, in my state and the FOC in Detroit it is a very different story. 

Not only do they have me on supervised visits also with my alcoholic and more family but

insist that i do not use my medicine 24 hours prior to ever seeing my son for parenting time.


Yes i have a great relationship with my son i literally raised him from babyhood to six, cooked

all the meals, rennovated the house, garden, put my money into the family and home.


In our state there is a microcosom war going on between the tea party, conservatives and

more vs. those whom  are not the before mentioned people.  It is the same as Washington D.C.


There is no case history for what we are going through as a family, we are i fear are trying

to be made the precident and example for future events and i refuse to let that be negative.

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