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Hello Everyone!!


I'm a very recent transplant bringing you all greetings from the Western side of the U.P.  While I'm not yet a patient (having only been here a couple of months) I am a long-time believer and witness to the powers of MMJ.  Unfortunately, where I used to reside has no such laws on the books.  I don't know many people yet and and am hoping to eventually meet some kind MMJ friendly Yoopers that can help point me in the right direction to get settled in.  


For example, how would one locate a MMJ friendly (and licensed, of course)  electrician?  I recently bought a really old house and the breaker box (15 amp) could use some updating to the 21st Century.  Plans for a potential future grow aside, I have no place to plug in my Washing Machine and Dryer after having hauled them across the country.


Also, I'm learning things are quite far apart up here (love it) and would also like to know where to begin with certification.  I have/can obtain my doctor records from the state where I came from, if that helps.  Also any other general information you have regarding the gardening (not just MJ) process in these cold climates (Moved from somewhere in Zone 8, now somewhere in Ontonagon County.  


Any help is greatly appreciated.  I love shopping locally and would like to help a forum member if I can.

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best bet is to setup some kind of greenhouse , if you plan to garden up in da yoop.

it might extend the growing season about 30 days, which is already short up there.

hopefully you missed last winter, it was one of the worst in 200 years.


got a cold barn or need to warm up a garage? maybe try one of these solar heaters.


if you havent seen it yet, check out 'escabana in da moonlight' , a film by jeff daniels.

it wont explain anything about living in the yoop , but may desensitize you to ... the locals.


forget all that, you found a good pasty yet? the local pasty shop near me closed down and after trying all of the other pasty shops near me, i'm ready to start mail ordering them.

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I was lucky enough to miss last winter, and I'm glad I did, according to what I've been told by the locals. I've eaten a few pasties here and there and they are growing on me. I imagine a homemade one tastes best. Escanaba in da Moonlight is actually one of my favorite movies, but I haven't met many yoopers that have seen it, or even heard of it, actually. I love the people,food,accents,and peace and quiet. I am both excited and scared about this first winter.

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