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Help With Stink Bugs Please


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oh found a good idea.

seal the entire room with plastic or screen door material.


cant have bugs on plants if you have 100% sealed room now can you? :)

or per-plant bug/bird nets. depending on your setup.




Pesticide treatments include: Fossil Shell Flour (Diatomaceous Earth) and products containing Neem oil.

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I've heard that squishing them releases their stink.


I have taken packaging tape and stuck them to it and then just seal them in it but I'd like some kind of comprehensive plan. Prefer not to use chemicals on the plants.  Just wondered if anyone had any ideas they've used.  If I knew what I could bait them with I'd just get a bunch of sticky traps.


There really is no way I know of that they are getting in, I'm pretty tight but they are all over the west side of my house in the sun in afternoons so they must've found some sort of tunnel.  Maybe I should just spray the outside of the house.


I had a lot of stink bugs last year too but this year seems like much more.  Before last year I never had any kind of problem with them. I'm guessing they are an invasive species like those Asian ladybugs.

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This time of year we have a lot of those spiders that spin the complex webs too.  I threw a stink bug in one to see if a spider would attack it because if it did I considered inviting some spiders into my grow room.  Those monster stink bugs are so heavy though that they would fall out of the web with only a little wriggling.  Anyone know if a praying mantis would feast on them?


Sorry for all the posts.  Guess I could just edit an earlier post and add this stuff.

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