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Not Avail By Script. I Had Knee Surgery Today And With Script In Hand

pic book

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find that Norco 10s are not avail at any pharmacy.  State law changed Nov 1, and pharmacies know it but doctors who write scripts, don't.  So i'm headed to the emergency room to get a shot to put me down for the night.

I find out AFTER the cutting.  pissy on this. 

I need a street dealer to fill this script cause the state is stooooopidddoo.

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its DEA/FDA who changed the scheduling of norco and vicodin and all that fun stuff.

of course you dont vote for DEA/FDA goons, they are political apointees.

nor can we vote on the controlled substances in state nor federal.


we've been trying to warn people about the rescheduling of hydrocodone here in the forums:






sorry pic book, sucks to be in pain right now.

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pharmacies been cutting back on all controlled substances.

everyone is calling all of the pharmacies to get their scripts.

its madness out there.


try calling in different areas. like the rich part of town instead of the not so rich part of town.

or the more senior part of town. sometimes can get lucky from pharmacy to another pharmacy. mention that you have the actual prescription and can and will drop it off first. mention that you only need a low number of pills. might help.

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Yeah I was at the pharmacy Friday, hydrocodone is now Schedule II. 

It seems the closer mj is to be legal, the further away the prescriptions travel.


Sorry PIC..  can not cg to cg this one  :watching: 


I think some of this might of come from the time release norco...people OD'd like crazy when they went to time release norco, trying to chase the buzz.

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Viagra, Levitra, Cialis right :lolu::P

Not yet! :lol:


But I have gotten antibiotics for myself and an inhaler for my son when he couldn't breathe when he had bad chest congestion. Maybe they don't give out narcotics though. But darn I would ask for them after outpatient surgery. If they can't give out narcotics it's too bad someone has to make a trip to the pharmacy after a surgery. :angry:  Hope you're feeling better pic book. You haven't had a lot of luck lately. I remember you had that flood a few weeks back.

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