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Typo In Tuttle Amicus Brief


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it says "this court made it clear that section 4 is available to patients who do not have a card or fail to meet volume requirements." (I paraphrased because it's not letting me cut and paste from the actual breif)


Shouldn't that read "section 8"? Kinda makes the whole argument hold less weight with that statement error I think....

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oh page 12 of the amicus brief


The Court clearly found that Secfion 4 and Section 8 provide distinctly different levels of
protections. Section 4 is available to defendant who either do not possess a registry idenfification
card or who do not meet its volume requirements.


yep thats a typo. good eye.

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What a terrible story. But you only have to read the first words of how it starts to say "There is the mistake..." It does help to prove one side of the oft-debated topic "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get me."


"In November of 2011, the appellant met Dwayne Lalonde online through a medical marijuana patient/caregiver website."


http://courts.mi.gov/Courts/MichiganSupremeCourt/Clerks/Documents/briefs-archive/2014-2015/148971/148971ATBrf.pdf Page 9

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