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Organic Nutrients And Amendments By Location


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  • 5 months later...

I mix it all together, wet with a light soap solution and wait 2-4 weeks.

I also add myco's.


Now... I have to admit that when I began this organic journey I totally

messed up and didn't add any N components (doh!) and had all kinds

of issues until I back tracked and discovered what I'd done.

Now instead of buying a dozen bags of 'stuff', I am starting with the

Organically Done mix (I will find the name) added mycos and will

be putting my 1st. plants into it shortly.  I hope it's all good.


I said ^^ I like the Organically Done so far I used the Bloom formula

in my act and they responded well.


Grass... I was going to mix some in the next couple days and plant

immediately to see if there must be a waiting 'to cook' period or not.


Heck... I could just email and ask I guess :)

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I scrounge around most retailers.  I do hit the shops sometimes due to convenience and my 20% discount.

I am also in close proximity to a Green University that sells pelletized compost and EWC from their student organic garden. 

Not particularly cheap, but again, convenient and seem to be high quality.

I amend my soil and use EJ products as needed to attain the cleanest and highest quality.  

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