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Birmingham Cant Figure Out Where To Stick The Marijuana Grows

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favorite quote:

Boyce said she toured a medical marijuana facility and found no problems with the lighting or noise.


"But the odor is unbelievable," she said. "I have no idea how they could contain the odor – I don't know if it's possible."

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These people have a serious hang-up regarding what smells good and what smells bad. They need to get out in the country near a chicken or hog farm. These "smells" are legal and totally unregulated. No one in their right mind could call hog shiite "OK" and marijuana "bad". Are you phucking kidding me? I have been smelling an inordinate amount of Honeysuckle lately, and I am about sick of that crap.


Once the smell of ripe bud becomes mainstream, people will wonder what all the fuss was about.

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