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Ancient 2400 Yr Old Water Bongs Found

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Historians say the Scythians would smoke opium and cannabis before going into battle to achieve an altered state of mind.




i'd like to see a person smoke a bunch of opium and cannabis and then do anything like run into battle. more likely they used it to relax and combat the PTSD from the days battle so they could get some sleep.

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Nice find gm . Almost unbelievable quality and craftsmansip.


It seems Marco Polo was selling more than 'spices' WB.  Nothing like a tale or two when your up on the mountain...


 ...on the topic of metallurgy but a little closer to home, I ran across this interesting gem


" The term is also applied to American civilizations that already used copper and copper alloys thousands of years before the European migration. Besides the cultures from the Andes and Mesoamerica, the Old Copper Complex, located in present-day Michigan and Wisconsin in the United States, used copper for tools, weapons, and other implements. However, no evidence for copper smelting or alloying has been found here and objects were hammered into shape. Artifacts from these sites have been dated from 4000 to 1000 BC, making them some of the oldest Chalcolithic sites in the entire world "


more... Corded Ware Culture,,,


...pre-Columbian American Metallurgy

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