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Mich High School Mj Comedy Skit Censored And Punished


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remember reefer madness is about censorship and controlling the conversation.


cant have fun in school. no cheech and chong.


i remember in school , the prinicpals and other nasty teachers would make kids get different shirts or turn them inside out, just because there was a cartoon character holding a gun on it.


gotta keep those cartoon guns out of school! who cares if the kids cant read or write because you demoralized them and took away any enjoyment they had. ah i could rant for a while on this. need to find more constructive things to do.

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The comments are eye opening.


I like this one best:


1 day ago


@daredtohope Like it or not, this is reality today and ignoring it will not make it go away.  Instead of shaming these kids and their teacher into apologizing for talking about real issues, why not use this opportunity to connect and deal with the issues at hand.  Humor might be a way to connect these kids and start a real conversation about the real issues.  I know one thing for sure...This 30 second opener was not the problem and neither are these kids or their teacher!



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