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Looking For Glass Repair For Bong

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Hey everyone, I have a piece that I want to get fixed but I don't know of any glassblowers around here. I'd be willing to travel anywhere in the state if this repair could be done, I love this piece and I'd love to be able to use it again. It had a female ground-glass end that could hold a 14mm piece where the break is. Please let me know if you do glassblowing yourself or if you could refer me. Thank you!



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The best option I see here is to get rid of the old one and purchase a new one as it will cost you a lot of money to repair it. I am smoking medical marihuana for like 5 years as I experienced panic attacks in past and it did help me a lot. I had a similar bong made of glass and I had the same part broken and I just bought a new one from https://pipesarsenal.com as they had a bong similar to mine. I would suggest you not waste your money on repairing the bong cause it will make no sense. Just imagine spending like 30 USD just for a repairing your old bong, that would be crazy.

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