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If we are a community, we need to share more than newspaper clippings  ... Are you struggling? Let us know  ... Are you afraid? Let us know ... Are you alone? Let us know ... we all are facing difficult times; illness, legal issues, fear ... our strength will only rise if we share our problems and help each other over come adversity ...

I'll start ... I'm sad, alone, using far too much alcohol while I wait for my MMMA card ... praying that I can make it work ... divorced in May because she didn't want to be alone with me ...

I struggle to rise each morning ...but knowing there is a community with similar issues helps me, strengthens me, gives me hope that together we can survive ... even thrive

Come out of the shadows and share your troubles with us ... together we are far stronger than alone  

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Might as well spread some cheer and good news too!

My health has been getting better and better since medical cannabis entered the scene back in '08. 

My biggest health goal these days is getting into the best shape of my life. 

20 years ago I noticed I was gaining 2 pounds a year. Extrapolating that forward in my mind was not a pretty picture. I was at 212 then. So my goal was to not gain any more weight. Mission accomplished!  Now I want the heck out the 200# club(below 200 pounds).  I've got about 7 pounds to go to get there. Those 7 pounds of fat have been there for 25 years and they are not going away easily!

I'm hammering on the exercise and still eating three balanced meals a day. This isn't a diet, it's a gradual life style change. 

My cannabis specialist doctor helped me with my exercise by telling me about intervals, bursts of extreme exercise in the middle of my workouts. Those have really amped up my calorie burning and muscle building. 

I knew way before we had a MM law here that cannabis helped my health in several ways. 

I was spending over $500 a month on my meds.

Now I'm self sufficient and help others grow/get their meds.

Medical Cannabis has been very rewarding in my life, all through my life, and I'm very grateful for that. 

I have learned over my life that the most important thing to do today is to make tomorrow brighter. 

Do something today for your tomorrow self.

Something that you can think about when you wake up tomorrow that takes you to a positive place when you wake up in the morning and you will be ready to meet the challenges of the day in a position of strength. 

Have things around you that represent some won battles.

Life is what you make of it!

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There are far more people reading than posting on our site ... maybe you don't have anything to share, maybe you prefer to be silent, maybe you fear the flaming reprisals .... please take heart. I share your fears and concerns ... I don't understand flaming either, I wish only to share our daily struggles and our hopes for the future. Please take heart, I know it may take time, but post about yourself, your passions, your grow issues and your questions about ... anything.

Together, always together, a community ... we can solve issues and support each other, together ... come out and join the conversation ... ignore the flamers and understand that 99% of us are here looking for support ... and love ...

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On 3-9-08 I was in a bad car accident that has permanently damaged both of my ankles with secondary osteoarthritis, a degenerative condition. For the first two and a half years after my accident I did the pills...you name it I tried it...oxy,morphine,lyrica,percocette,  etc. ETC. The relief was minimal and the side effects were absolutely horrible and I got up to some very dangerous doses on these drugs. I "thought" I was informed about cannabis until I really did some research and then I wanted to try this for pain relief. I was hesitant to approach my doc because I really liked him and didn't want him to get mad and drop me for suggesting this treatment. To my surprise he was all for it and said I was not his only patient trying this method. In Oct. 2010 I got my card and I was able to find an absolutely fantastic caregiver on this web site...thank you- thank you. I will not do the pills again EVER. In July of 2015 I had to have foot surgery and the doc could not believe it when I told him NO PILLS. 

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I think the last year can be summed up with; Rolling with the changes. Like when you fall and roll to avoid injury. So many changes happening quickly these days. Some predictable and some not. Being prepared is still working for me. Thanks for the well wishes. Hope your changes are manageable and put you in a position of strength for your future. 

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