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Looking for a doctor that will prescribe pain meds that is MM friendly in the waterford/clarkston/pontiac area

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Also posted this under health care professionals.

I have scleroderma, Lupus, horrid raynauds, a few other little medical issues, and I had my left leg amputated below the knee in July 😩 

I have been on long acting and immediate release OxyContin for the last 8 - 10 years. I need a new doctor to write for my pain meds (long story for another day!) besides the body skin and joint pain I suffer from, I also get these horrible ulcers mainly on my feet and hands that literally eat my skin away down to exposed bone. I have not had a day in the last 10 years that I have not had one or more ulcers. I have several finger amputations (did one myself!) and in July had to have my left leg amputated from an out of control ulcer that got infected. 

Im a single mom.....I smoke medical marijuana.  When my daughter goes to sleep I smoke, and I eat. I weighed 289 pounds and this disease has taken me down to 135 pounds. When I started smoking again about 4 years ago, I found it really helped me eat and I've been maintaining my weight ever since. It also helps take the edge off my pain level. I can't go around smoking weed all day and my pain level is so intense, I do really need the pain meds as well. 

I can NOT find a doctor willing to write for me if I'm smoking weed!!!! I have been doctorless for over 2 months now. 

Does anyone know of a doctor, in a pain clinic or not, I have no issue signing and following a contract but it makes no difference to me, I have good insurance (thank God)  that would be willing to write pain meds for me?  I'm on the waterford/clarkston border. I don't mind traveling a bit if I have to but I have to find a ride and use the wheelchair so it's a pain in the donkey!! Lol 

helllllppppp!!!  Anyone?? 

Thank you, Christine Lvmyshay@yahoo.com

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I will look up Dr Mullen today thank everyone so much for your comments. I can't believe I'm going through this. The government is scaring them but for my condition, that's why pain meds exist! I clearly have no leg I'm missing several fingers, open ulcers on my body......and I can't get pain meds??? I would think all they need to do is document properly?  And you won't even talk to me because I consume a natural plant! So frustrating 😩

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Dr. Paul Meyer in Saginaw is a great option. He will not just certify you, but also follow you as your primary care physician if you like. He may or may not be qualified to treat in the specialty pain management medicine. If not he might point you in the right direction.



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