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Student @ Wayne doing a paper on mm.


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Doing a paper on medical marijuana, would like to post some questions, even visit a dispensary, if that’s allowed w/o a card.  If not perhaps a dispensary owner/worker could reply.  You can remain anonymous if you choose.  Re visiting a dispensary, I would prefer to visit one in Ann Arbor.  Thanks in advance.

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Let me help you with your 'paper'. 

From a caregiver's point of view on dispensaries;

I once was told to not hate the players, hate the game.

Being a caregiver in the game with dispensaries is like playing poker at a table where some players, the dispensaries, break all the rules and the rule keepers would rather take bribes than shut down their cheating, while caregivers are held strictly to the rules and have their lives destroyed because they are not in line with bribes in hand. 

Don't hate the players, hate the game.... ???? will only be acceptable for a very short time at this game. After a while you start to hate the players. Especially when you know folks who have lost everything. 

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Many thanks to all of you who have responded or have encouraged me to post.  

Happy Rainy Saturday!  I have been preparing my response with questions for you willing participants for over an hour and I have lost my post on this forum, twice, so far today. Once, due to a power interruption (my bad for trying to type in this forum, so I planned to moved it over to Word), but before I could, I lost it again because as I said previously, I'm a student, albeit a non-traditional one, and I am typing on a new computer that I purchased for my return to school that I've never heard of, the "LENOVO ideapad 310", which has modified the QWERTY keyboard by reducing, by half, the tile size of the right shift key, which is bad enough, but in between the "?/" key and the right shift key (go ahead look at your own keyboard now as you read this), Lenovo has inserted the "up  arrow" key so my muscle memory is touching the up arrow key instead of the right shift key, when I am attempting to capitalize and whatever alpha/numeric character I am typing at the time, jumps up to the above line, or based on how fast I'm typing, and I've been typing 40+ years, the character jumps up to the url and I find myself looking up at a different web page and I don't even know how I arrived there and couldn't recreate it to safe my life.  Anyway, this last time, I was on an enthusiastic roll when the keyboard and my pinkie caused me to lose everything but the last character I entered, the letter "n".  :-(

So I'm stepping off this forum and preparing a more thorough response and questions in Word.  Then I'll be back, to post. In the meantime, this is an image of the keyboard that is driving me nuts, so you can see for yourself.

Sincerely, Angel.



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