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So i started transitioning from promix to coco and i think i may be having my first issue. I checked the runoff yesterday and found that going in my ph was 6.2 and coming out it was 5.2 so i panicked and did a flush. Today im seeing the runoff coming out about 5.7 and im not sure if that is good or not, its got to be better than 5.2 right?


Any help would be great.

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Dust the top of the soil with garden lime and flush it through the pot or dissolve a couple of teaspoons of hydrated lime in a gallon of water and pour one on each pot. In the future mix one cup of dolomitic lime (garden lime) into each cubic foot of coco.

I mix coco and Promix BX 1:1 and add garden lime to the mix. My nutrient water goes in at around pH 6 and comes out the bottom around pH 7. Plants love it.

I actually mix a 3.8 CF bale of Promix with one 5kg (compressed) chunk of coco (to which I add perlite at the rate of 1/3 by volume). To this mixture I add 2 cups of dolomitic lime.

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Another thing I found that helped with pH issues was a switch to organic nutes and the use of mycorhizea. Organic nutes plus mycorhizea seems to make the plants less susceptible to pH fluctuations. There seems to be a wider pH range in which they are willing to grow. 

Even with lime in the soil mixture I still have to flush the pots when I transplant into fresh soil mix. I have to run three gallons of high ph water (8 -9) through a two gallon pot to get the pH up to a 6. After that initial flush I never see runoff lower than 6.5 - 7. I think the water activates the lime and keeps the pH within acceptable limits.

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Seems to be working out, today the runoff and ppm seem normal accept  the coco that i mixed castings into, they look good but the coco is acting more lile soil and the ph is staying at 6.5.

Not sure if that is gonna be bad or not but right now they seem to love it. 

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